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Exposed: The Female Lens in a Post-Identity Era?


A photographic examination of identity through the artistry of some of the most compelling female photographers working in California today.

This exhibition is part of Femmes Photo Fest in Thousand Oaks, California. 

The history of the male gaze is well documented in art through the mediums of paintings, sculpture, photography and film.  The focus of the female form, psyche, and identity has long been captured and admired through the male perspective. Although diverse and accepted, what of the female perspective? The post-suffragette female perspective had been admonished; historically trivialized due to the nature of our mental “delicacy” or lack of physical strength. Postmodernism grew the female opinion which has become a part of societal mainstream and intertwined in our artistic fabric. In cementing this new norm this exhibition seeks to expose the female perspective and the beauty that comes from the exploration through the female lens. Understanding this era is not the simplification of sex or gender, feminine or masculine, instead it is embracing the fluency of these labels. Our exhibiting artists at their core embody the essence of the of Post-Identify by illustrating their fluidity through the multi-spectrum of the lens

Earlier Event: August 24
Zen Pond Painting Workshop at CMATO
Later Event: October 14
Panel Discussion with "Exposed" Artists