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PoeTea - Art, Poetry and Tea on a Sunday Afternoon

  • California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks 350 West Hillcrest Drive Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360 United States (map)
Kevin Sloan,  Birds of America - Migration Interrupted

Kevin Sloan, Birds of America - Migration Interrupted


by Marsha de la O 

A Canada Goose panics,

wound in the coils.

Do you dream

of that thing

you called water?

Do you?

Please.  I can’t


I don’t know.


Join us for PoeTea - a Sunday afternoon that blends poetry and art during an tea service in the main gallery exhibition of Kevin Sloan: A Collection of Rarities.

Join poets from Ventura and Santa Barbara counties as they read their their response to the art of Kevin Sloan.

A tea service with delicious pastries and finger sandwiches will be served during the readings with a discussion afterwards.

CMATO Members: $10

Non-Members: $25

More about poetry in the exhibition:

Over the past several months, this collective effort has relied upon the generosity of the artistic spirit, and a recognition of the important themes explored in Kevin Sloan’s paintings to create what critic, Carmine Starnino calls the “perfected expression of a sensibility in language”.

Ekphrastic poetry is a long-practiced literary form—art inspired by art—in which writers, undeterred and, sometimes, overwhelmed by the ineffable or, sometimes, searing emotions conjured by the visual arts, (re)turn to language to convey what had, until then, escaped expression on the page. Poets, just as painters, are generally known for their ability to pay attention to the smallest details while keeping in mind a larger message. Writers harness the power of descriptive language, or what the beloved poet, Mary Oliver, calls “the language of particulars” expressed in imagery and through the linguistic strategies of metaphor, simile, allusion and personification. And, though I am not a visual artist, it seems to me that painters rely on similar strategies to convey their messages, to evoke emotion and to inspire deep reflection.