CMATO is fast becoming known as a vital venue for contemporary art. CMATO is a versatile place with a goal to provide world class museum experiences in a local setting. Our temporary exhibitions deliver a unique and enriching visitor experience to a diverse and growing audience.

CMATO is a 21st Century Museum that focuses on transformative, active, participatory art experiences. Our visionary, innovative, visitor-centered model for a participatory place welcomes the voice, opinion and creative energies of our diverse audiences. We aim to provide lifelong learning opportunities for adults and kids through the display, interpretation, experience and conservation of culture.

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In 2017-2018, besides exhibition and related-programming, CMATO also served the community with the following activities:

With CMATO Council

CMATO Council is an active volunteer fundraising committee that develop and arrange local and international trips and tours that are open to the public. They also plan special events and programs for members and the public.

  • Road Trip to Norton Simon Museum to view Van Gogh’s The Bedroom (1889)

  • Road Trip for a LA Metro Art Tour

  • International Trip to Holland (Rembrandt at Rijksmuseum; Van Gogh Museum)

  • International Trip to Iceland (October 2018)

  • National Trip to New York City (MET)

  • National Trip to Washington DC (National Gallery of Art)

  • Special Valuation Day – What’s It Worth? with John Moran Auctioneers

  • Speaker Event - The Art of the Appraisal with John Moran Auctioneers

  • Pawcasso! A paw print activity for pets in partnership with Barkley’s Pet Hotel

  • Candide! Special Performance and Backstage Reception – Conejo Players Theater

  • Members Recognition Holiday Event with Silent Auction

  • Information Sessions for Volunteers and Interns

  • Create at CMATO! An Autism Education Program (Pilot)

  • Speaker Series (Van Gogh, Warhol, California Impressionism, Japanese Aesthetics)

  • Private Collector Tours and Studio Art Tours (Ongoing)

  • Brillig Manor

  • Speaker Event - Rich Retizell on California Impressionism (upcoming)

  • King Tut Field Trip (upcoming)

  • Newlon Home Tour in Camarillo (upcoming)

  • Preston Butler Home/Beatrice Wood Studio Outing (upcoming)

  • Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico (upcoming)

CMATO Public Programs Collaborations

  • Master Painting Series – Impasto (Van Gogh and Monet)

  • Zen Pond Painting Workshops

  • Pollock & Martinis (Live Jazz, Beat Poetry and Action Painting)

  • Painting with Friends (Wine)

  • Mystic Fair – Summer Solstice Celebration

  • Readings & Reiki

  • Neuro-drumming Yoga for the Brain

  • Art Collecting Opportunity (with Studio Channel Islands)

  • Succulent Planting (with Thousand Oaks High School)

  • Pop Up Art & Music Festival at The Oaks: Featuring Corita Kent, Screen Printing and Art Making Activities (with City of T.O., CSUCI and Corita Art Center)

  • Dining with the Masters: Baroque N Roll Edition (Upcoming)

  • Wine and Synesthesia Event (Upcoming)

  • Kitsch – Velvet Painting Studio (Upcoming)

  • ArtWalk – LA Brewery (Upcoming)

In 2017, CMATO worked to achieve our purpose and mission with the following programs:

Exhibition - Mass Appeal: The Art of Corita Kent (January 27 - April 3, 2017) 

Corita Kent, best known for her iconic Love stamp was able to combine a passion for social justice with a Pop art aesthetic to great effect. Corita Kent's silkscreens were once compared to Andy Warhol's; her banners and posters were featured at civil rights and anti-war rallies in the 1960s and '70s; and she made the covers of Newsweek and The Saturday Evening Post. Yet today, Kent seems to have fallen through the cracks of art history. The CMATO exhibition is part of the art movement to bring a re-evaluation of Corita’s inclusion in the art cannon.

 Curated by:                

Tish Greenwood, Executive Director, CMATO


The Lake Avenue Group at Morgan Stanley

Miriam Chase Wille

Visitor Attendance: 



 3,545 (Unique Visits); 5,817 (Visits); 13,900 (Page Views)


Facebook 12,456 (Total Reach); 82 (Post Likes)

 Press Coverage:      

   “Critic’s Pick of the Week.” Ventura County Star (January 2017)

   Calder, Diane. “Corita Kent.” ArtScene (March 2017)                     


Pop Art Seminar & Art of Screen Printing (Studio Channel Islands Collaboration); Artists Panel with Corita Art Center, Screen Printing collaboration with Self-Help Graphics & Art and California State University Channel Islands, Oaks Christian Art Club visit; Dining with the Masters: Pop Art Edition; VIP Preview with Corita “Happening”; Complimentary catalogue (online and printed) with critical essay from Joel Kuennen (ArtSlant); and various special tours for community and religious organizations.

Exhibition - Inaugural International Juried Art Exhibition: Landscapes (June 15 – August 5, 2017)

This exhibition is devoted to the discovery and promotion of artists whose interpretation of landscapes are inventive, thought-provoking and display expertise in both skill and execution of their concept.

 In collaboration with the Art Department Chairs from California Lutheran University, California State University Channel Islands, Moorpark College and Ventura College it was determined to select only three artists and provide these artists with a curated museum exhibition. Out of the hundreds of submissions received for this Open Call, the jurors, who met and worked together for the first time on this project, faced difficult decisions. Luckily for us, the jurors worked well together and selected 'the cream of the crop.’ Featuring: Rebecca Rutstein, Inguna Gremzde, and Thomas Wheeler.


City of Thousand Oaks, Cultural Affairs Commission (CEEF Grant)

 Albert D. Marley

Richard and Joyce Johnson

The Lake Avenue Group at Morgan Stanley

 Visitor Attendance:    


Online Visits:             

  5,154 (Unique Visits); 7,754 (Visits); 18,700 (Page Views)


Facebook   26,119 (Total Reach); 72 (Post Likes)                           


Participatory Map activity asking visitors to anonymously mark on the wall sized map of the world, where they have been, where they want to go, and where they come from; Ribbon Cutting ceremony with Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce, Artist Talk with Rebecca Rutstein; Artist Talk with Tom Wheeler and complimentary exhibition catalogue (online and printed) containing critical essays from Jennifer Li (Art in America); Luke Matjas  (CSUCI) and Rich Reitzell (Art Historian) regarding the history of landscape painting.


Featured artist Rebecca Rutstein’s work was acquired by the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and is currently the summer 2018 featured artist at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific; Tom Wheeler recently had a solo exhibition at the Newport Visual Art Center, Newport Oregon (2017).  Most importantly, however, is that jurors found the experience so rewarding that they all are collaborating with CMATO again for the 2nd Annual International Juried Art Exhibition.

Exhibition – Exposed: The Female Lens in a Post-Identity Era? (September 7 – December 9, 2017)

This photography exhibition aims to provide the viewer with a wide range of female artists examining life in their own terms. With exclusively female photographers, the cliché that women see the world (and themselves) differently is examined. Featuring: Jo Ann CallisSant KhalsaSandra KleinAndréanne MichonGay Ribisi and Arden Surdam.

 Curated by:                

Lynn Farrand, Sr. Curator, CMATO

Laura PG Lewis, Independent Curator and Gallery Educator at the Getty Museum


City of Thousand Oaks, Cultural Affairs Commission (CEEF Grant)

The Lake Avenue Group at Morgan Stanley

 Visitor Attendance:    


Online Visits:    

3,106 (Unique Visits); 3,254 (Visits); 8,493 (Page Views)


Facebook 20,634 (Total Reach); 68 (Post Likes)             

Press Coverage:      

“Look through the ‘Female Lens’ at CMATO.” Thousand Oaks Acorn (September 28, 2017).

Dodi, Emily. “On Exhibit – Femmes Photo Fest in Thousand Oaks.” VC Reporter, Art and Culture, Cover Story (October 18, 2017).                  


Participatory activity where visitors anonymously wrote on white boards how they see themselves, how they think other people see them and what makes us all the same; Creation of Femmes Photo Fest, a partnership with Four Friends Gallery to present a Femmes Photo Fest Art Crawl where visitors were invited to visit both galleries to see female artists working in photography; Special tours for Haddassah and Atria Senior Living; Panel discussion with Exposed artists; and Complimentary exhibition catalogue (online and printed) featuring articles from Claudia James Bartlett (Director of photo l.a.) and Olivia B. Murphy (Art Critic).

In 2018, CMATO has:

 Exhibition – Strings: Data and the Self (January 19 – April 15, 2018)

Featuring groundbreaking new media artists who challenge "traditional" notions of art making. Their works examine the pervasiveness of big data and how it increasingly influences our identity and determines our behavior. The work presented in this exhibition -- from digital art to video game art and beyond -- is challenging, sophisticated and provides a perfect place in which to reflect and discuss how data affects who we are. Artists: Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Branger_Briz, Amanda Turner Pohan, Jennifer Chan, Shawné Michaelain Holloway.

 Curated by:                

Joel Kuennen, COO and Managing Editor, ArtSlant (New York)

Riccardo Zagorodnev, Pace Gallery (New York) & The Armory Show (New York)


Len and Judy Linton

Larry Janss

Shawn and Letal Skelton

Richard and Joyce Johnson

Shawn McCabe         

Visitor Attendance:    

525 (Thru April 7, 2018)


 3,754 (Unique Visitors); 3,319 (Online Visits); 8,087 (Page Views)


Facebook (158,179 Total Reach); 614 (Post Likes)              

Press Coverage:

 “Dive deep into data at new CMATO exhibit”. Thousand Oaks Acorn (January 18,   2018)

 O’Neal, Chris. “INTO THE E-WILD: WiFi safari explores vulnerability, privacy of personal devices in Thousand Oaks.” VC Reporter (January 24, 2018)

 Briz, Nick. “Exploring our surrounding WiFi landscape.” Banger_Briz Blog (January 29, 2018)


Participatory activity revolved around the Probe Kit, where visitors witnessed firsthand the vulnerability of their Wi-Fi network by having their signal be captured like a butterfly; Panel discussion with artists; CLU art course assignment for students; Girls Who Code Club from Oxnard High School private tour with museum educator; Atria Senior Resident and B’nai Brith group visits, and Complimentary exhibition catalogue (online and printed) with critical essays from curators.


 Heather Dewey-Hagborg’s work, Stranger Visions, next stop will be at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, UK as part of the Future is Now exhibition. Heather’s CMATO work was the West Coast premiere of this artist, whose work has also been acquired by the Centre Pompidou, Paris. Truly, CMATO has achieved its goal of bringing world-class artists to Thousand Oaks community.                                                                     

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