Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate sponsors make it possible for the Museum to share a wide-range of vibrant and thought-provoking art and artists to people of all ages in our region.  Your sponsorship of an exhibition, speaker, education program or event will:

  • Enhance your corporate image.
  • Offer your company promotional opportunities.
  • Provide your company access to an exclusive target audience & influential people in our community.
  • Afford your company opportunities to partner with community leaders who invest in our community’s art education and culture.
  • Bring museum quality art and art education to children and adults.
  • Provide benefits to your employees or clients through private events or receptions.
  • Enrich the quality of life in our region.

Sponsorship Opportunities are now available for the following exhibition:


//Data Mas//

This exhibition explores Big Data and society through the lens of New Media millennial artists. Big Data comes from things like location data off of your cell phone or credit card, it's the little data breadcrumbs that you leave behind you as you move around in the world. What those breadcrumbs tell is the story of your life. Big data is increasingly about real behavior, and by analyzing this sort of data, scientists can tell an enormous amount about you. The New Media Artists in this exhibition focus on Big Data through the interplay between technology, images and sound. The aim of this exhibition is to introduce the community to new media artists and boldly examine the effects of data in our lives.

Sponsorships are also available for:

CMATO Speaker Series

CMATO's Speaker Series brings in informative, engaging and enlightening speakers to discuss an array of subjects revolving around art and artists and who inspire us to thing of artin new and different ways.